Roxberry Juice

Sometimes Google has a hard time keeping up with new developments.  You can understand how difficult it must be to catalog, understand, and make available through a search algorithm feature every business on the planet .  Because this is an impossible task, it may take Google several years to figure out who the tenants are in new shopping complexes, strip malls, and especially industrial zones.  Google often needs help.

Local Search Optimization for Roxberry Juice Restaurant

The Local Search Solution helped this Roxberry Juice Company smoothie shop get on the map so that potential customers could find it.


When we started working with the Roxberry Juice location in American Fork, Utah, this was the situation.  Located in a shopping center that was built on the opposite side of the parking lot from  Wal-Mart, The Home Depot and other major stores, this Roxberry location sat there unnoticed by Google, even though the location had been there for over two years.  In fact, Google didn’t seem to know anything about most of the businesses occupying the building where this Roxberry store was located.

At The Local Search Solution, our local search marketing experience includes the skills necessary to help Google become familiar with a business’ location and to understand the products and services offered by the business so that Google can with confidence refer customers who are searching for those products and services.  That’s what we did with this location.  We taught Google about the Roxberry store and helped Google to understand that customers could find smoothies, frozen yogurt, and other delicious items here.  Soon after, people who searched for those kinds of things on their computers and mobile phones began being directed to this Roxberry store that had previously been hidden.

As you can see from the graphic above, this business went from being unknown to Google to getting more than 100 search impressions (meaning it was shown to potential customers on Google searches) in a single day.  Through our efforts to put this business on the virtual map, it became visible more than 11,000 times over the ten months following when we first began marketing the business to Google and other online traffic sources.

Local Search Engine and Social Marketing Results for Roxberry Juice

This restaurant saw a significant increase in exposure and new customers after The Local Search Solution stepped in to help.

Contact us to learn how your company can see results similar to these.  Even if Google already knows about your business, we can help you gain even more exposure for your business.  Our marketing plans can be custom designed for businesses ranging from restaurants to professional services (attorneys, accountants, doctors) to automotive repair shops to retail stores and everything in between.