Marketing Packages and Pricing

At The Local Search Solution, we want our customers to be completely confident that they are getting the best return on their investment.  We offer several packages intended to meet the needs of the majority of our customers.  We also have custom packages for customers whose needs fall outside of the following plans.

The plans and details listed below are for customers in the US and Canada.  For other countries, please contact us so we can give you a customized proposal.  We are experts in international search engine optimization in addition to our expertise in the United States and Canada.

Local Search and Social Media Package – $500/Month

The Local Search Package is intended to get your company to the top of the search engines and


  1. Keyword research to target the most effective keyword phrases for your business
  2. Claiming and optimizing the business listing in Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local
  3. Ongoing monthly submission of your company’s listing to online business directories
  4. Ongoing monthly link building to build and sustain the listing’s rankings
  5. Ongoing monthly social promotion through websites like Facebook, Twitter,, and others
  6. Ongoing social signals and customer interaction to help the search engines understand your target market
  7. Ongoing recommendations for website updates
  8. Monthly reports detailing activities and giving a progress report for your company.

The search and social media campaign is intended to use not just search engines, but also the relatively new and exciting world of social media.  This package will get you not just impressions and click-throughs from Google and the other search engines, but it will bring you customers from Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking websites like,, and,

Also Includes:

  1. Setting up (if you haven’t already) and operating Facebook and Twitter pages for your company and its products and services
  2. Building your brand through other social media channels

Customer Engagement – starting at $1,000/Month

The Customer Engagement plan is intended to not just find new customers, but keep your customers loyal.  This plan is adapted to your company’s specific needs for keeping the relationship warm with new and long-term customers.  Need someone to tweet out discount codes or other daily updates on Twitter?  We’ll take care of that.  Need some serious “Like”-age on your company’s Facebook page?  We’ll get it for you.  Want some videos to keep your company or brand front of mind among your target audience.  We do that too.  Oh, and don’t forget this one:  we’ll keep bringing you new customers using local search optimization, social media, and other online marketing techniques.  Let us know what you need, and we’ll put together a solid plan to work with you as a partner.

Reputation Management – starting at $1,500/Month

The first priority for Reputation Management is to make sure your company isn’t lousy and treats customers right.  If you’re already doing that and are still having issues with people dragging you through the mud for no good reason, we can help you manage your reputation online.  After all, negative attention online can cost your company lots of money.  Our reputation management plans can overcome the naysayers and clean up your company’s image.  Contact us for a proposal customized for your specific needs.

Custom Marketing Plans

We recognize that marketing plans can be as unique as the goals and dynamics of companies themselves.  We offer customized marketing plans that help your company achieve its goals of reaching a target customer base.  In addition to local search and social media, we can integrate other activities into your plan,  such as creating promotional videos (like the Cullman Liquidation hit) or developing mobile applications that help you reach the ever-expanding target mobile and smart phone audience.